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The Cure

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The Cure
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The Cure

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Cure
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Harry Kraus


When asked which commandment is greatest, Jesus’ answer boils down to “love.” He wasn’t talking about some nebulous, fluffy, abstract concept, but a clear command to actively love God, our neighbors, and even our enemies! The Cure is for anyone looking to cultivate greater love in the church—and beyond it.

One of the Bible’s chief metaphors for the church is “the body of Christ,” as described by Paul in 1 Corinthians 12. In The Cure, practicing surgeon Harry Kraus uses his medical background to bring this metaphor to life. He explains how an understanding of physiology—the wonderful way God has put together the physical body in function and form—can show us how love can be realized in the life of the believer and the church, the body of Christ.

When asked what can be done to inherit eternal life, Jesus’ answer can be summed up in a single word: love. Love stands at the heart of the gospel, the core of God’s motivation and plan to rescue his bride. Through this careful dissection of Paul’s metaphor, readers will come to an understanding about Christ’s command (love!) and how to fulfill it.

“Harry Kraus has dedicated his life to restoring human bodies to health. This book does the same for the church, the body of Christ.”—Max Lucado, best-selling author

“Harry Kraus understands love—biblical, selfless, servant love—the way few do. Get lost in the lines of The Cure and remember once more the reason you’re here—to love and love well.”—Karen Kingsbury, author of Ever After and Between Sundays

“Harry Kraus has already proved his skill as a writer after more than two decades’ worth of novels. In my favorites, I’m amazed at the intertwining subplots and the just plain good stories that hold me to the last page with imagination, suspense, romance, and gospel mixed together in well-proportioned doses. In his first non-fiction books, Breathing Grace and now The Cure, Kraus’s expert storytelling provides the setting for larger direct doses of biblical truth than what’s effective in a novel. In his life as a physician, Kraus looks at normal events and sees parallels with God and our need for him. In The Cure, facts about a healthy human body become parables of a healthy body of Christ. Realities as diverse as DNA and a disastrous first date point us personally toward God and the immensity of his love and how much we need that love. I expect to give away many copies of The Cure.”—Noël Piper, author and speaker

Missionary, practicing surgeon, and author Harry Lee Kraus, Jr., M.D. puts his medical background as a general surgeon to good use in adding depth and credibility to his fiction. Dr. Kraus currently serves as a missionary surgeon with Africa Inland Mission, at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. He is the author of eight novels and two nonfiction books.

ISBN: 9781500001421

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