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Treasures for Women Who Hope

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Treasures for Women Who Hope
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Treasures for Women Who Hope

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Treasures for Women Who Hope
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Alice Gray


As much as we long for blue skies and smooth sailing, storms and rocky times are inevitably a part of our lives. Sometimes the storms hit suddenly and fiercely, leaving behind terrible devastation. Other times the storms are silent clouds of desperation lingering on the horizon, threatening to rock everything we hold dear. Often, hope is the only comfort and joy we can know in the midst of these hard times.

In Treasures for Women Who Hope, best-selling author Alice Gray offers comfort and encouragement to women through an insightful look at God's Word and through the lives of others. Filled with touching stories of those who have faced insurmountable odds and yet still found hope, Alice shares principles and practices from Scripture that remind us that our sometimes-darkened path is never without hope.

Other titles in the series will include:

  • Treasures for Women Who Make a Difference
  • Treasures for Women Who Love God
  • Treasures for Women Who Pray
  • Treasures for Women Who Forgive
  • Treasures for Women Who Become Beautiful

ISBN: 9781418553487

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