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Personal Evangelism

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Personal Evangelism
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Personal Evangelism

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Personal Evangelism
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: J. C. Macaulay and Robert H. Belton


Here is a fresh approach to personal evangelism by two writers who speak out of their experience in witnessing and in teaching principles of evangelism in the classroom. The approach is biblical; Scriptures are constantly introduced in dealing with various types such as the anxious, the unsatisfied, the fearful, the procrastinator, and the self-righteous. The study of the Word is emphasized as preparation for the soul-winner. Important principles are deduced from the Gospel of John. The work of the Holy Spirit is emphasized because He must prepare the heart of the seeker, guide the speech of the witness, and cause new life to spring up in each individual heart. Practicality and tact are two words which may be said to characterize this text. It is not limited to theory developed in the seclusion of the study; nor does it neglect criticism of such wrong approaches as the "holier than thou" or the "wiser than thou."

ISBN: 9780802488220

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