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Eating the Fruit of Lies: A Novel

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Eating the Fruit of Lies: A Novel
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Eating the Fruit of Lies: A Novel

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Eating the Fruit of Lies: A Novel
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Sandra Thompson Williams


Most people considered David Edwards a typical young Christian. Before his latest encounters with the supernatural, he would have agreed with them. Then his life was changed forever.

David has found the love of his life. With a successful career, the blessings of both parents and a strong spiritual upbringing, there was nothing standing in his way of pursuing marriage. So, when he suddenly called off the wedding, everyone including his fiancé was perplexed. He believes she’s perfect for him, but he can’t marry her under the current circumstances.

Finding a way to tell everyone that the hell hounds were after him, seemed impossible. Who would believe such a ridiculous sounding claim?

Yet, planning a wedding while battling unseen forces of evil was unthinkable. Dreams brought David to this place and only one thing could get him out. He had to complete his assignment. He experiences love, loss and lasting lessons through his journey to discern the will of God in his life.

This novel is a page turner and critical for all Christian singles that plan to marry. Discover what you are bound to face someday by reading this dramatic thriller. It will leave you with a fresh outlook on the responsibilities of the family.

The intense power of prayer is the theme throughout this novel. Duty, deal-breakers and divorce are all part of David’s self-examination to find out if he is truly ready for the life-long journey of marriage. Singles will reexamine their commitment to God in light of the forces of darkness that target everyone who naively walks into a marriage with their guards down.

ISBN: 9781400325610

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