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2009 Apologetics Symposium

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2009 Apologetics Symposium
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2009 Apologetics Symposium

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Title: 2009 Apologetics Symposium
Publisher: 1517 The Legacy Project
Author: Rod Rosenbladt
Length: 11 hrs. 27 min.


Zion Lutheran Church in Tomball, Texas invited Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and Craig Parton to speak at the 2009 Apologetics Symposium. Their assignment was straightforward: define the apologetic task and give the bedrock foundation for an easily understood defense of the Christian faith.

With the exception of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, there are no more eminently qualified and experienced men to address this topic than these two men, and they both hit grand slam home runs with these lectures.

Several of the attendees at the Symposium told us that these were the best lectures on the subject that they had ever heard. One gentleman told us he had been studying apologetics for twenty years and these (and one by Mr. Parton, in particular) were the clearest, most powerful lectures on the subject that he had ever heard.

The six sessions and the follow up Q and A are honestly some of Dr. Rosenbladt's and Mr. Parton's best work.

Here are the lecture titles:

1. Why Defend the Faith at All? - Craig Parton

2. Intro to Apologetics - Rod Rosenbladt

3. Historical - Legal Apologetics - Craig Parton

4. What Non Christians Ask - Rod Rosenbladt

5. Islam, Cults and the New Age - Craig Parton

6. A Lutheran Defense of the Biblical Gospel - Rod Rosenbladt

7. Q and A - Rosenbladt and Parton

These are great for personal study, or for use in small groups or Sunday School. If you are going to College or have children headed there, the materials in these lectures will help prepare you/them to withstand the coming onslaught of "scholarship" devoted to debunking the Christian faith. Basic objections to the historicity and truthfulness of the Scriptures are devastated by Dr. Rosenbladt and Mr. Parton using a court room evidentiary approach. These materials should be incorporated into the catechesis of our teenagers and adult converts. Download the two free lectures, and we guarantee you will want to own the entire set.

ISBN: 9781683662907

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