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Title: Romans
Publisher: 1517 The Legacy Project
Author: John Warwick Montgomery
Length: 13 hrs. 4 min.


No book in the entire Bible has had such an impact for theological conversion as Paul's Epistle to the Romans. St. Augustine came to Christ on hearing Romans 13:11-14; Martin Luther's study of the book brought him to an understanding of salvation by grace alone through faith; John Wesley's heart was "strangely warmed" as he listened to the reading of Luther's Preface to the Book of Romans at a little Moravian chapel in Aldersgate; and Karl Barth sounded the death knell of pre-World War I liberal theology with his Commentary on Romans. Now Dr. John Warwick Montgomery provides a long awaited popular exposition of the book from the standpoint of historic Reformation, Evangelical commitment.


01 Introduction, Romans 1:1-17 

02 Romans 1-18-32 

03 Romans 3, Romans 4 

04 Romans 5, Romans 6 

05 Romans 7, Romans 8:1-23 

06 Romans 8:24-39 

07 Romans 9, Romans 10 

08 Romans 11:1-12, Romans 11:13-36 

09 Romans 12:1-2, Romans 12:3-21 

10 Romans 13, Romans 14 

11 Romans 15:1-24, Romans 15:25-32 

ISBN: 9781683662969

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