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Changed Into His Likeness

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Changed Into His Likeness
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Changed Into His Likeness

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Changed Into His Likeness
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: Watchman Nee
Length: 4 hrs. 57 min.


Are you ready for real and radical transformation? God Is Enough! This message comes through loud and clear in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. While they failed time and again, God was faithful to convict, restore and bless them. And He is able to deal with our slipping and stumbling as well. Watchman Nee uses the lives of the patriarchs to show that God is able to turn our failure into success and our weakness into strength. He does this not so much by transforming the situation as by transforming us. But God s sufficiency in the face of our failure is seen only as we surrender to Him and are changed into His likeness.

ISBN: 9781610459235

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