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On the Incarnation

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On the Incarnation
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Audio Book

On the Incarnation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: On the Incarnation
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: Athanisias of Alexandria
Length: 2 hrs. 35 min.


Nothing except the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a greater miracle or wonder in human history. God becoming flesh in human history is the greatest marvel. Jesus of Nazareth was foretold in the Torah and the Prophets centuries before his appearance and he was proved to be real and not a pretender due to his death and Resurrection. The early church grappled with all of this intellectually. Many heresies were confronted, answered, and dismissed. Throughout the 2000 plus years of church history, many of the early church heresies have reappeared over and over again. Whether you are Catholic or Protestant the answers are from the Word of God.

ISBN: 9781610454803

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