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In the Company of Men

For the Olive Tree Bible App

In the Company of Men
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In the Company of Men

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: In the Company of Men
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Brian Donohue



This true story started over 20 years ago at a simple Bible Study with six men. The men read passages about Christ returning to the Father and the imminent coming of the Holy Spirit.

Over the next 20 years, each man must confront his own crisis: the heartaches, the triumphs, the steps closer to the Holy Spirit, and the steps away. These unvarnished stories of life in the raw are all accurately told with no bows or ribbons.

The story is told by a seasoned trial lawyer where each account asks the “jury” (the reader) to render a “verdict”--not on the six men--but on whether the Holy Spirit is a source of guidance, peace and call-to-action for the reader.

In the process of reading the book and working through the Study Guide, the reader will:

  • hear six real-life stories, each with painful twists and life-altering choices

  • gain a useful understanding of how the Holy Spirit can work in the reader’s life

  • experience unique insights into how men react in crisis and support one another

  • hear a fresh, short-hand way, to discover and remember the role of the Holy Spirit in the reader’s life: DWJWD! – Do What Jesus Would Do!

  • experience suspense, heartful emotions, and surprises along the way!


  • a non-fiction story reporting the lives of six men: their pains, losses and crises through a 20-year lens, accurately reported by a trial lawyer

  • an extremely easy read – simple yet profound

  • no preaching – the author is not a minister, priest or rabbi but simply a witness to the true accounts of these men

  • an integrated study guide challenging the reader to analyze their own lives

  • a robust website with an online store

Foundational Question:

  1. The big question for the reader:

How does the Holy Spirit work in your life, if at all?

Ancillary Products:

A robust web site with an online store full of wonderful products and related services, including: readers reactions, a featured song with an original verse, real-life videos and much more.


ISBN: 9781400325825

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