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New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

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New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes
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New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes
Publisher: Kingsley Books
Author: F. F. Bruce


After His resurrection, Jesus met Cleopas and another disciple on the Road to Emmaus and explained to them everything the Old Testament said about Himself. To understand the Old Testament themes that were fulfilled in Jesus, we need to understand Old Testament thought.

F.F. Bruce reveals the context of the New Testament writers' understanding of the Old Testament by focusing on seven Old Testament themes. "These and other themes," he says, "are fulfilled in Jesus."

  • The rule of God over all creation is fulfilled in Christ's kingship.
  • The salvation of God, which is demonstrated in the Exodus, is fulfilled in Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • The victory of God, which is promised over Israel's enemies and the return from exile, is fulfilled in Christ’s victory over sin and death.
  • The people of God, established by His covenant with Israel, is fulfilled in Christ’s calling twelve disciples to be the beginning of a "New Israel."
  • The son of David and the promises God gave to David's kingship are fulfilled in Christ's kingship.
  • The servant messiah, especially as found in Isaiah 40-55, is fulfilled in Christ, who came "not to be served, but to serve."
  • The shepherd king, especially as found in Zechariah, is fulfilled in Christ who presented himself as the Shepherd of Israel.

With an almost poetical voice, Bruce says, "In Jesus the promise is confirmed, the covenant is renewed, the prophecies are fulfilled, the law is vindicated, salvation is brought near, sacred history has reached its climax, the perfect sacrifice has been offered and accepted, the great priest over the household of God has taken his seat at God’s right hand, the Prophet like Moses has been raised up, the Son of David reigns, the kingdom of God has been inaugurated, the Son of Man has received dominion from the Ancient of Days, the Servant of the Lord...has accomplished the divine purpose, has seen light after the travail of his soul and is now exalted and extolled and made very high."

"A short book, but jam packed with goodness," says one reviewer. "Bruce's work guides us through the complexities of messianic prophecy," says Daniel Wright of Concordia University. "It serves as a condensed and valuable guide to the enormity of Old Testament proclamation about the Messiah."

This volume is available individually, or as part of the F.F. Bruce Collection, which brings together many classic works from this prolific author, including commentary volumes, scholarly discussions, and popular works accessible to readers of all levels.

F.F. Bruce (1910-1990), known as the dean of evangelical scholarship, had a passion for proclaiming the Bible as God’s guide for our lives. He was Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis at the University of Manchester in England. A prolific writer, his commentary volumes and other works are considered classics. His work New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable was selected by Christianity Today as one of the top 50 books of all time which shaped evangelicals. Bruce combined an immense contribution to evangelical scholarship with a passion for proclaiming the Bible as God’s guide for our lives. He used his great knowledge to explain the Bible simply and clearly.

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