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Characterization of an Empire

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Characterization of an Empire

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Characterization of an Empire

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Title: Characterization of an Empire
Publisher: Pickwick Publications
Author: Mary Katherine Yem Hing Hom


Assyria--the missing link in the superpower oppressor type in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament--still suffers from modern scholarly neglect. The Characterization of an Empire aims to alleviate this neglect while also elucidating the historical biblical books that convey characterizations of Assyrians. The narratological insights gained throughout this study contribute to biblical literary studies at rigorous, detailed, sometimes deep, and sometimes complex levels. Thus, this book offers to be not only a contribution to the general corpus of biblical literary studies, but also an expansion of our paradigms regarding the detail, depth, and complexity at which narratological intention and artistry function in the biblical text.
ISBN: 9781532646638

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