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What Is the Church's Mission?

For the Olive Tree Bible App

What Is the Church's Mission?
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What Is the Church's Mission?

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: What Is the Church's Mission?
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Jonathan Leeman


How Can We Know What the Church Is Supposed to Do? Jesus commissioned the local church to carry out a mission. Yet local churches often disagree over exactly what Jesus commanded them to do, leading them to align their mission with current political or economic trends. So what does the Bible have to say? In this short ebook, Jonathan Leeman argues from Scripture that the mission of the church is first and foremost to  make disciples—the task that each local assembly is called to do collectively—and to  be disciples—the task for each individual Christian. He equips readers to obey this disciple-making mission both inside and outside the local church as they seek to follow Christ's call and make God's glory known in all the world. A Brief and Accessible Resource: A helpful tool for Christians who are looking for answers to their questions about the church Biblical and Christ-Centered: Presents a vision for the church that is centered in the commands of Christ to his disciples in Matthew 28 Clear Guidance for Churches: Helps local churches and individual Christians understand what it means to make disciples and be disciples in their various contexts
ISBN: 9781433578588

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