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Understanding Four Views on Baptism

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Understanding Four Views on Baptism
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Understanding Four Views on Baptism

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Title: Understanding Four Views on Baptism
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Zondervan and John H. Armstrong
Narrated by Henry O. Arnold
Length: 6 hrs. 1 min.


Gain an understanding of baptism from four main traditional perspectives.

Of all the sacraments, the practice of baptism is often the most disputed. Christians hold different views of its exact significance, who should receive baptism and how old they need to be, the practice of rebaptism, and baptism as a requirement for church membership.

In Understanding Four Views on Baptism, four historic views on baptism are considered in depth:

  • Baptist view: baptism of the professing regenerate by immersion (presented by Thomas J. Nettles)
  • Reformed view: infant baptism of children of the covenant (presented by Richard Pratt Jr.)
  • Lutheran view: infant baptism by sprinkling as a regenerative act (presented by Robert Kolb)
  • Church of Christ view: believers' baptism on the occasion of regeneration by immersion (presented by John Castelein)

Each view is presented by its proponent, then critiqued and defended in dialogue with the book's other contributors. Here is an ideal setting in which you can consider the strengths and weaknesses of each stance and arrive at your own informed conclusion.

The Counterpoints series presents a comparison and critique of scholarly views on topics important to Christians that are both fair-minded and respectful of the biblical text. Each volume is a one-stop reference that allows for the evaluation of different positions on a specific issue and form their own, educated opinion.

Resources for further study, reflection questions, and appendixes are available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

ISBN: 9780310918189

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