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Church Boy: My Music and My Life

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Church Boy: My Music and   My Life
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Church Boy: My Music and My Life

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Title: Church Boy: My Music and My Life
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Kirk Franklin
Narrated by Rick N Jones
Length: 5 hrs. 56 min.


This against-all-odds autobiography of gospel legend Kirk Franklin takes you through the life and trials of one of the most influential and bestselling artists in the music industry.

From his difficult childhood on the poor side of town to his rise as a multiple Grammy-winning artist, Kirk Franklin’s Church Boy is a personal story of unwavering faith, remarkable talent, and unyielding perseverance. His narrative is a testament to how God can transform pain and adversity into sources of strength and joy.

In this gripping account, Franklin shares the pivotal moments that shaped his faith, including a dramatic ten-foot fall from a darkened stage in November 1996. This potentially career-ending incident instead became a turning point, propelling him into the spotlight and bringing his music to millions who may have otherwise missed out on his inspiring message. Through his dramatic recovery, Franklin's story gained a new dimension, capturing the hearts of many.

Through this autobiography, you will learn about:

  • A challenging childhood of insults and hard times shaped Franklin into a beacon of hope and faith.
  • A near-fatal fall and his dramatic recovery became a catalyst for his monumental success.
  • The musical milestones of a Grammy-winning artist and the reigning King of Urban Gospel.
  • The profound ways in which God redeemed Franklin’s past, turning pain into unexplainable joy.

Join the community of readers who celebrate faith, resilience, and the power of music. Kirk Franklin’s autobiography Church Boy isn’t just about his musical achievements—although they are impressive, with his recordings topping charts and earning him every major gospel music award. It’s about a young man who overcame the odds with God's help.

ISBN: 9780849918933

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