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The Holy Spirit-The Comforter

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The Holy Spirit-The Comforter
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The Holy Spirit-The Comforter

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Holy Spirit-The Comforter
Publisher: Crossway
Author: John Owen and Andrew S Ballitch


Crossway Introduces the Collected Works of John Owen, Updated for Modern Readers Regarded as one of the greatest theologians in history, 17th-century pastor John Owen remains influential among those interested in Puritan and Reformed theology.  The Complete Works of John Owen brings together all of Owen's original theological writing, including never-before-published work, reformatted for modern readers in 40 user-friendly volumes. Volume 8, The Holy Spirit—The Comforter, includes the treatises "The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer," "The Holy Spirit as a Comforter," and "A Discourse of Spiritual Gifts." Each treatise has been edited by Puritan scholar Andrew Ballitch. Released over a number of years,  The Complete Works of John Owen will inspire a new generation of Bible readers and scholars to deeper faith.   Edited and Formatted for Modern Readers: Presents Owen's original work, newly typeset with outlines, text breaks, headings, and footnotes Informative New Introductions: Provide historical, theological, and personal context Supporting Resources Enhance Reading: Include extensive annotations with sources, definitions, and translations of ancient languages Part of the Complete Works of John Owen Collection: Will release 40 hardcover volumes over a number of years Perfect for Churches and Schools: Ideal for students, pastors, theologians, and those interested in the Holy Spirit and the Puritans
ISBN: 9781433585791

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