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You Can Pray Big Things

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You Can Pray Big Things
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You Can Pray Big Things

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: You Can Pray Big Things
Publisher: Baker Books
Author: Julia Jeffress Sadler


Inspiring Children to Pray Big Things to the God Who Loves Them

Christian parents and grandparents want to teach their children to pray with joy and expectation. What better way to make prayer fun, natural, and meaningful than to start with a vividly illustrated picture book to bring vital biblical concepts--like salvation--to life?

You Can Pray Big Things encourages children ages 3-8 to pray big prayers to their even bigger God. Combining clear, biblical teaching about prayer, inspiring quotes, engaging illustrations, and simple prayers children can pray alone or with a loved one, this accessible book helps kids start a lifelong conversation with God. It even helps them understand what to do when it seems like God hasn't answered their prayers, and how to pray to receive Christ.

Praying to God should be a fun and frequent part of every kid's life. You Can Pray Big Things shows kids how to do it and helps parents start important spiritual conversations in their home.
ISBN: 9781493442430

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