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About Olive Tree Bible Software

Mission Statement

The mission of Olive Tree Bible Software is to inspire people to connect with God and the Bible through technology.


At Olive Tree Bible Software, we believe that God's love transforms lives and that transformation often happens as we study and engage with His Word. This is why we are committed to providing excellent Bible software and resources that are accessible through the Olive Tree Bible App. We are proud to provide technology that enriches and encourages the study of the Bible.


Although we work hard to make our software a powerful research tool, we are equally dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience through a beautifully-designed interface. We are proud of our endeavors, and we hope that our users will be equally excited and recommend our app to their friends and family. The Olive Tree Bible App is available across all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


First and foremost, we are a Bible app! This means that we aim to offer God's Word in numerous translations and languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and more! To encourage a deeper understanding of the Bible, we also offer thousands of Bible study resources, such as commentaries, dictionaries, devotionals, and eBooks.

We couldn't do this without our partnerships with publishers, authors and ministries. Our library of available resources is always growing to include more titles that will equip people with the best tools for Bible study. You can find new resources to encourage your spiritual growth by visiting our store, whether in the app or online at olivetree.com.

Company History

We've always been on the leading edge of Bible technology. Our founder, Drew Haninger, built some of the earliest Bible programs for the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC. In 2000, his company became known as Olive Tree Bible Software. Our name comes from the promise of our union with Christ that is found in Romans 11:17: "But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree."

Connect With Us

We love hearing from you—whether it's what you are learning in your personal study, how your ministry is growing, or ways that we can be praying for you. We use our blog and social media channels to connect with our users and to share encouraging and informational content. Don't miss out on this community! You can find us on these platforms:

Careers at Olive Tree

Olive Tree is located in Spokane, Washington. Our employees are encouraged to put God first in all things, to find a healthy balance between work and life, and to approach their job with creativity and ownership. We are looking for people to join our company as we continue to grow and expand. If you are passionate about the Bible and technology, please visit the Olive Tree Careers Page for current openings.

Contact Us

Olive Tree Bible Software
P.O. Box 48271
Spokane WA 99228

For general inquiries or support help, email: