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Crossway Classic Commentaries — Romans (CCC)

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Crossway Classic Commentaries — Romans (CCC)
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Crossway Classic Commentaries — Romans (CCC)

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Title: Crossway Classic Commentaries — Romans (CCC)
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Charles Hodge


Dr. Charles Hodge (1797-1878) was a devoted academic and theologian, and spent his life in critical and systematic study of the Bible. Of all his writings, this commentary on the book of Romans is Hodge's greatest exegetical work, and one of the acknowledged masterworks of New Testament scriptural commentary. In a passage-by-passage consideration of the text, Hodge examines the themes of faith explained by Paul for the benefit of the early church.


Throughout the history of Christianity, many great minds have devoted themselves to the study and exploration of the Bible in pursuit of spiritual insight. Believers today are fortunate to benefit from this impressive history of inquiry and inspiration.

The Crossway Classic Commentary series is a collection of book-by-book biblical commentaries covering the Old and the New Testaments, written by intellectual and spiritual giants of the Christian tradition and carefully translated and adapted for the modern reader. Authors include ministers, preachers, and scholars such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Hodge, Matthew Henry, and more.

Each title includes an introduction to the biblical text by series editors Alister McGrath and J. I. Packer.

ISBN: 9781433516955

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