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The Lord's Supper

For the Olive Tree Bible App

The Lord's Supper
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The Lord's Supper

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Lord's Supper
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: Rose Publishing


The Lord's Supper is something all Christians celebrate. But what does it mean? You will experience the Lord's Supper in a fresh way as you find out about the 7 key themes and 5 reasons Christians should make it an important part of their worship. Includes historical background of the Early Church and a comparison of views of the Lord's Supper.

People need to know the significance

  • What it means: 7 key themes
  • What Jesus said
  • What Paul taught
  • History in the Early Church
  • Comparison chart of different views of the Lord's Supper

People can read this little pamphlet in just a few minutes. It answers all of the most common questions and will reinforce the importance of the Lord's Supper. People will understand what it means and why they should take it seriously. They will see how it brings us to deeper worship and fellowship with other believers—not just in the seat next to us but around the world.

5 Ways to use this Lord's Supper pamphlet

For —

  • personal use
  • preparing for a first communion
  • leading a new believer's class
  • discussing in a small group study
  • including in a "basics of the faith" course.

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