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Anger (Hope For The Heart)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Anger (Hope For The Heart)
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Anger (Hope For The Heart)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Anger (Hope For The Heart)
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: June Hunt


Anger Minibook

Biblical Counseling on Anger Management from Hope for the Heart

Has anger or rage ever clouded your judgment to the point that you acted rashly and then regretted it later? What do you do when you are inflamed with angry thoughts and feelings? Ultimately, you have the choice to act wisely or to react foolishly. You can learn to keep your anger under control with this practical advice from June Hunt.

Anger will shed light on the warning signs, or characteristics, of both acceptable and unacceptable anger. Includes:

  • "Cues to Find Hidden Anger" checklist, making it easy to diagnose different ways in which your body is reacts to anger
  • "Act or React" checklist

June Hunt starts this minibook with a definitions section with simple explanations of each word associated with anger. Learn the magnitude, misuse, and misconceptions of anger. Also included in the definitions section are biblical examples of anger. For example, an example of acceptable anger is when injustice ignited righteous anger" in Jesus. Conversely, we find "unacceptable anger" in story of Saul and David, when King Saul's jealous anger over David's military victories burned like a fire, destroying many relationships including his relationship with God.

The last section titled, "Steps to Solution," gives you the power to be freed from anger with:

  • The 4 sources of anger
  • 4 Truths that will change your life
  • How to measure the amount of your anger
  • 3 steps to resolving anger
  • Releasing your anger prayer
  • And much more.

ISBN: 9781596367210

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