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Don't Buy the Lie

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Don't Buy the Lie
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Don't Buy the Lie

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Don't Buy the Lie
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Mark Matlock


Can psychics really see our futures? Do angels really float among us on earth? What about demons? And could the supernatural things that happen on TV and in the movies really occur? Using Barna research and biblical truths, Mark Matlock separates the truths from the lies we are told and helps teens like you avoid the traps that can lead to deception.

We all know demogorgons aren’t real, and that evil dolls can’t come to life … but are there elements of the paranormal that are really around us on earth? And if so, what does that mean? In Don’t Buy the Lie, Mark Matlock uses the knowledge he’s gained in his role as a special project analyst and presenter for the Barna Group to present clear principles and intriguing examples that show you how to respond to the supernatural with wisdom, and without being duped. He identifies “thinking traps” that lead to deception, such as letting your emotions take over and convincing yourself something could be real until it seemingly is. And with clarity, he provides biblical answers to frequently asked questions about such things as miracles, angels, demons, and psychic abilities.

Don’t Buy the Lie:

  • looks at both the spiritual and “secular” sides of the supernatural to show what is real and what is false
  • helps develop discernment when it comes to things you might encounter
  • compares the supernatural claims in our world today with what was happening in the early church to present a biblical perspective
  • contains real research and feedback from teens on each topic

ISBN: 9780310861737

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