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Living a Life That Matters

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Living a Life That Matters
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Living a Life That Matters

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Living a Life That Matters
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Mark Matlock and Chris Lyon


Money. Fame. Relationships. Knowledge. Having all these things—or even one—would make you happy, right? Well, maybe for a second. At least that’s what King Solomon learned—and he tried all those things on a HUGE scale and still wasn’t content. In fact, chasing those ideas and getting what he wanted actually made him more depressed. So what are we supposed to do if the wisest man in history couldn’t make those things work? Thankfully, Solomon left us a whole book of his trials and errors.

Maybe you’ve looked at other people’s lives and thought, “If only I had that, my life would be perfect.” The problem is, those same people are asking the same question when they come across someone else. Even the wisest man in the world, Solomon, struggled with it. In Living a Life that Matters, author and “wisdom expert” Mark Matlock unpacks Solomon’s big “If only” questions on happiness in the book of Ecclesiastes to connect his timeless questions to yours, and explores what really makes a perfect life. Living a Life That Matters lets you gaze over Solomon’s shoulder as he indulges every pleasure, exercises every power, and emerges with a radical conclusion about how to live. You’ll also find ways that his search for meaning connects with yours today and how your story can connect with your friends’ as they seek meaning in the world.

Living a Life that Matters:

  • makes the book of Ecclesiastes relevant to teens’ lives—and also easy to understand
  • contains contemporary examples from pop culture and everyday life
  • explores what it means to live in the world today, as well as the real issue of depression and its effects

ISBN: 9780310862819

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