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Jesus Journey

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Jesus Journey
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Jesus Journey

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Jesus Journey
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Trent Sheppard


Jesus was human, like you and me.  If the Gospel is true, he still is.

It's the easiest Sunday School answer in the book: Jesus is God. But do we really grasp the reality of Jesus' day-to-day humanity? Do we actually understand what his breathing, heart-beating, body and blood, skin and bones, crying and laughing humanity means for us?

Through eye-opening yet down-to-earth reflections, Jesus Journey takes a fresh, insightful look at the defining relationships and events in Jesus' life and how they might inform our own.

Join Bible teacher and storyteller Trent Sheppard as he shines new light on the vibrant humanity of the historical Jesus through an up-close look at Jesus’ relationship with Mary and Joseph, with the God he called Abba, with his closest friends and followers, and how, ultimately, his crucifixion and resurrection finally and forever reshape the very nature of what we mean by the word God.

Come encounter the human who radically transforms our view of God. Come encounter the God who forever changes what it means to be human.

It will challenge your assumptions. It will shatter your stained glass perceptions. And it will reveal a full-color, wide-screen view of the most influential figure in human history, illuminating what it practically means to follow Jesus today.

ISBN: 9780310347729

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