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New Life Version (NLV)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

New Life Version (NLV)
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New Life Version (NLV)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: New Life Version (NLV)
Publisher: Barbour Bibles
Author: Barbour Publishing


Looking for a Bible you can really understand?
Try the New Life™ Bible, specially designed to clarify difficult words and passages.

What book can promise you intellectual insight, spiritual strength, even a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe? Only the Bible. This is the book that's been changing lives for generations, the lives of individuals, the lives of families, the lives of communities and nations. This is the book that can make all the difference in your own life.

Why? Because the Bible is the actual Word of God. It carries the power of God to people who need it, to people who will take the time to read it. It promises the resources of heaven and the needs of earth. It's truly your lifeline to peace, hope and happiness.

What is the New Life™ Version, and Why is it Special?

The New Life™ Version was designed by a missionary for use on the foreign field and is now used around the world in mission work today. Based on a limited vocabulary of approximately 850 words, this Bible clarifies difficult words and passages for the modern reader.  It's ideal for younger readers, those for whom English is a second language, or even for longer-term Christians who just want a fresh perspective on the scriptures. 

Special Features:
- Complete Old and New Testament Text
- Easy-reading New Life™ Wording (850-word vocabulary)
- Words of Christ in Red
- Descriptive headings throughout
- Clear, contemporary typeface
- More than 150 pages of topical study outlines and helps
- Glossary and topical verse finder

Containing the complete Old and New Testament text, plus more than 150 bonus pages of topical study outlines covering everything from angels and demons to the names of God, the New Life™ Bible is for everyone.

ISBN: 9781634090063

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