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NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible
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NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: D. A. Carson, Andrew David Naselli, Douglas J. Moo, T. Desmond Alexander and Richard Hess


Marvel at the big story; savor each detail

Biblical Theology allows you to ponder the individual stories and themes of Scripture while observing how they all fit together in God’s grand biblical narrative.

Rather than focusing primary attention on how the Bible addresses many questions as a whole (which is what many people mean by “systematic theology”), the Biblical Theology Study Bible instead highlights the way various themes develop within the Bible across time. Bringing clarity to this are three articles introducing Biblical theology and 25 additional articles unpacking key themes of Scripture as they develop, reaching their culmination in the book of Revelation—such themes as temple, sacrifice, Jerusalem, kingship, Messiah, and many more. These articles, by authors such as Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung, encourage readers to spot these themes for themselves as they read, following the progressive unfolding of God’s story. Such biblical theology enables readers to follow the Bible’s themes in the terms and categories that the Bible itself uses. These articles can be located under the Articles Index in the table of contents.

Previously published as the NIV Zondervan Study Bible.

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See How Study Bibles Work in the Olive Tree Bible App

Using the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible in the Olive Tree App makes Bible study easy. Each feature of the product has been set up to work with the resource guide, allowing instant access to the content related to your study. Check out the details below for more information!


God’s Word was written down many years ago by different authors in different settings. Over 20,000 study notes explain or give background on words, phrases, and the flow of the text to aid you in better understand what God is saying in his Word. Each note was thoughtfully crafted, and available in the commentaries section of the resource guide.


Easy-to-use maps shed light on the Bible, its places, and its times. In the app, the map that applies to your reading will be available in the maps section of the resource guide.


The included cross reference system enables you to search the Scriptures for terms, ideas, and themes that reappear in various books. The cross-references are available directly from the NIV Bible text, or in the cross references section of the resource guide.


It can be easy to lose context the following day when you read the Bible again. Opening the book outline from the resource guide can help you understand your reading in the context of the entire section or book and you can better understand how the current subject is being developed in the narrative. You can access this outline through the resource guide, all while never leaving your current spot in the Bible.


When was this book written? Why was it written? How does the book fit with the rest of Scripture? What is in it? In the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible nearly every book of the Bible has a comprehensive introduction that offers helpful information about the book. You can quickly access these introductions from anywhere in your reading by using the Introductions section of the resource guide.


Illuminate your reading with hundreds of full-color photos and over 60 charts that provide enrich your experience with God’s Word and give you insight to aid your study. They demonstrate or illustrate the many events in the Bible that are anchored in ancient history. Those images will be ready and waiting for you in the charts and images section of the resource guide, specifically applicable to the section you are reading.

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ISBN: 9780310450436

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