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The City of God and the Goal of Creation

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The City of God and the Goal of Creation
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The City of God and the Goal of Creation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The City of God and the Goal of Creation
Publisher: Crossway
Author: T. Desmond Alexander


“For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” –Hebrews 13:14

At the very heart of God’s plan for the world stands an extraordinary city. Beginning with the garden of Eden in Genesis and ending with the New Jerusalem in Revelation, the biblical story reveals how God has been working throughout history to establish a city filled with his glorious presence. Tracing the development of the theme of city in both testaments, T. Desmond Alexander draws on his experience as a biblical scholar to show us God’s purpose throughout Scripture to dwell with his redeemed people in a future extraordinary city on a transformed earth.

The Short Studies in Biblical Theology series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story—culminating in Jesus. Written by a host of trusted biblical scholars, pastors, professors, and leaders, the volumes in this unique series each trace an important topic throughout God’s word, from Genesis to Revelation, demonstrating the unifying flow of rendemptive history and exploring its relevance to the Christian life.

Insightful, accessible, and practical, these books are perfect for laypeople looking for bite-sized introductions to major subjects and key themes in biblical theology. Furthermore, pastors and professors will find this series to be an invaluable resource for brushing up on their grasp of the field as a whole. Series editors are Dane C. Ortlund, PhD, and Miles Van Pelt, PhD.


"Marked by T. Desmond Alexander’s typically careful scholarship and sound exegesis, The City of God and the Goal of Creation is a beautiful work of biblical theology that sets forth how the narrative of Scripture culminates with the New Jerusalem, where God’s people will enjoy a life of fellowship with God. Get this book for yourself and get it for others too." - L. Michael Morales, Professor of Biblical Studies, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; author, The Tabernacle Pre-Figured and Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?; editor, Cult and Cosmos: Tilting toward a Temple-Centered Theology

"At a time when worldwide urbanization—the movement of people from country to city—is at full flood, many think of cities not only as centers of jobs, culture, and government, but as sinkholes of iniquity. This interesting book competently introduces us to the theme of city in the Bible, tracing out its trajectory through Scripture and its promise for the future, and takes us finally to the New Jerusalem from which sin and all its effects are forever banished." - D. A. Carson, Theologian-at-Large, The Gospel Coalition

"Readers are helped to grasp not only the significance of a key biblical topic but also how Scripture contains a coherent storyline and consistent message. Filled with numerous theological insights, this is a must-read for anyone looking for an informed and reliable discussion." - Paul Williamson, Lecturer in Old Testament, Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia; author, Sealed with an Oath and Death and the Afterlife

"This book brings together an astonishing number of Bible passages into a clear and coherent overview of the great narrative of the Bible." - Douglas J. Moo, Kenneth T. Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College; Chair, Committee on Bible Translation for the NIV

"The city of God is a central biblical theme, and T. Desmond Alexander masterfully guides us as he follows the theme from Genesis to Revelation. His study is a marvelous demonstration of the organic coherence of the Bible’s message. I enthusiastically recommend this book to all Christians." - Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College; author, Confronting Old Testament Controversies

"We are seeking the city that is to come, and there is no one I would rather read on the topic than T. Desmond Alexander. Read this book, then buy a stack of copies to give away.j" - James M. Hamilton Jr., Professor of Biblical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment

T. Desmond Alexander (PhD, The Queen’s University of Belfast) is senior lecturer in biblical studies and director of postgraduate studies at Union Theological College in Belfast. Alexander is the chairman of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research, served as coeditor of The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, and has written many volumes in the area of biblical theology. T. D. is married to Anne, and they have two adult children.

ISBN: 9781433555770

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