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Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis: Interpreting the Wisdom Books (HOTE)

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Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis: Interpreting the Wisdom Books (HOTE)
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Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis: Interpreting the Wisdom Books (HOTE)

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Title: Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis: Interpreting the Wisdom Books (HOTE)
Publisher: Kregel
Author: Edward M. Curtis


The wisdom literature of the Bible (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs) is filled with practical principles for everyday life. While some Christians are deterred by the pragmatic character of these matter-of-fact guidelines, they are as integral to God's purposes for His people as the explicitly theological material that dominates other parts of Scripture. The wisdom books tie these two streams of God's revelation together in a way that enriches and strengthens the church.

It is a thorough resource for pastors and teachers to help them navigate the sometimes bewildering waters of the wisdom literature.

About the series:The Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis offer students basic skills for exegeting and proclaiming the different genres of the Old Testament. Because there is a no one-size-fits-all approach to interpreting Scripture, this series features six volumes covering the major genres in the Old Testament: narrative, law, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, and apocalyptic. Each volume is built around the same six-chapter structure: 1. The Nature of the Genres, 2. Viewing the Whole, 3. Preparing for Interpretation, 4. Interpreting the Text, 5. Proclaiming the Text, and 6. Putting it all Together.


"As the 'Exegetical Handbooks' series continues, Ed Curtis has provided this excellent volume on Wisdom Literature that is breathtaking in its combination of scope and accessibility. Wisdom is meant to be learned under a mentor, and Curtis shows himself to be just that. Readers will find help that is informed as well as practical at every level of the interpretive process. Curtis' experience as an exegete, a teacher, and a preacher are evident on every page. Those who seek to understand the wisdom literature or teach it will find here a treasure trove of insight and guidance." — John Walton, professor of Old Testament Wheaton College

"In conversations with Ed Curtis I have been continually amazed at his insights into the Scriptures, and at his clear way of conveying them to others. You will see what I mean when you read these pages. A wise man has written a wise book about wisdom literature." — Donald R. Sunukjian, professor of Preaching Talbot School of Theology

"This handbook helpfully touches on areas of interpreting the wisdom books, their contribution to Old Testament theology, and also how to handle these poetic wisdom books in study and interpretation. . . . Curtis' book will help to give these wisdom books their rightful place in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church." — Ellis R. Brotzman, Tyndale Theological Seminary
Edward M. Curtis (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is professor of biblical and theological studies at Biola University in La Mirada, California. He is the author of several books, including the Zondervan Bible Study Commentary and Discovering the Way of Wisdom: Spirituality in the Wisdom Literature.

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