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Prophetic Events Of Your Life: Beyond Your Horizon

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Prophetic Events Of Your Life: Beyond Your Horizon
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Prophetic Events Of Your Life: Beyond Your Horizon

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Prophetic Events Of Your Life: Beyond Your Horizon
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Kathryn Garland



Believers, Unbelievers, and Jews, therefore, every person living today has a specific role in this book. This book is personal. It is written to you. It is about God, you, and your place in end-time history…and beyond.


There are countless books, messages, and teachings on End Times, many agree others contradict. Have you ever wished that you could just study Bible prophecy for yourself? Kathryn Garland is a Bible teacher with 50+ years of experience and is aware of this need and desire for Believers to be able to interpret prophetic teachings for themselves. The Lord impressed upon the author to write this book involving the reader. This study will lead you to God’s Word to discover these truths for yourself and personalize it with your own Timeline. It will bring end-time truths together in a clear and coherent way. You will be prepared for your Events, recognize them as they occur, and safeguarded against deception.


PART ONE involves a study with the author of each Prophetic Event of your life in chronological order. There are nine Events for the Believer, seven for the Unbeliever, and seven for the Jew. They begin with the present and proceed all the way to your last forever Event. Each Event may be studied as a unit in itself.

EVENTS System of the Antichrist The Rapture The Wrath of God Second Coming of Christ Armageddon Jesus’ Thousand Year Kingdom Judgment Seat of Christ Marriage Supper of the Lamb Great White Throne Judgment New Heaven and New Earth

PART TWO is a careful examination of the System and the Person of the Antichrist from four Bible passages. These studies will guard you against deception and will enable you to look in the right direction so that you will recognize the Antichrist at his appearing.


Entire books are written covering only one Prophetic Event this book covers them all.

Your own Timeline helps to visualize exactly where you are at the time of each Event.

All Bible passages are included in the text providing instant access.

Many teaching methods will stimulate your interest and give you a sense of actually living the moment.

Can be used individually or in a group setting.


You will gain basic understanding and skills in how to interpret and discover meaning in biblical prophetic truths.

You will learn about the timing of key end-time events and how they relate to each other.

Truths from God’s Word to store in your personal belief system. This hands-on study will feed your mind and it will feed your soul.


The knowledge I will gain from this book will help me to live differently from those who live with little or no thought of God. I will live forward, in the light of my future Events.

My faith will be fortified in the truth that what God says will unquestionably take place.

Because I know and rely on these revealed truths of God’s Word, I will not be deceived, they will serve me as a shield against the deception of the System and Person of the Antichrist.


Bring people to Christ. The need for the reader to know Jesus Christ personally and God’s plan of salvation for his/her life.

Holy living. All prophetic scripture deals with living a life set apart for God in holiness.

ISBN: 9781595557438

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