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Classic Devotionals Vol 2, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Classic Devotionals Vol 2, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Classic Devotionals Vol 2, Read by Christopher Glyn

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Title: Classic Devotionals Vol 2, Read by Christopher Glyn
Publisher: Christopher Glyn
Author: Various
Narrated by Christopher Glyn
Length: 8 hrs. 8 min.


A treasure trove of 200 rare and priceless devotional gems, the two volumes of Classic Devotionals embrace the biblical wisdom of more than 50 men of God from the 16th to 19th centuries. Many of the deeply spiritual reflections and lessons in Classic Devotionals can no longer be found in print. Authors such as J.C. Ryle, Arthur Pink, Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, and Thomas Watson provide biblical inspiration for our life in this world, and joyous expectation for our home in the next.

Immerse yourself in time-tested biblical wisdom with the elegant and graceful narration of Christopher Glyn and discover these ancient writings that are more relevant then ever.

This audio download contains volume 2. You may also be interested in the companion product, available for separate purchase, Classic Devotionals, Vol. 1, or the combined set, Classic Devotionals, Vol. 1 & 2.

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Volume 2 contents:

  • Imagine For A Moment - George Everard
  • He Shall Save His People From Their Sins - Frank Hall
  • The Disciple Is In God's School - James Buchanan
  • God's School For His Children - Various authors
  • We Are Now In The Wilderness - James Buchanon
  • The Only Way To Obtain Relief - George Everard
  • By And By The Old Man Died And The Widow Was Left Alone - Geoge Everard
  • That Is Heaven - Matthew Meade
  • If I Had A Little Bucket Of Water - George Everard
  • The Name Of The Lord Is A Strong Tower - Ralph Erskine
  • All Things Have Become New - Thomas Reade
  • What An Amazing Stoop Of Love Is That - Arthur Pink
  • The Doctrine Which Is According To Godliness - Arthur Pink
  • The Immensity Of The Creator's Dominions - Rufus Wheelwright Clark
  • The God Of Popular Christianity - Milburn Cockrell
  • What A Believer Would Do If He Could - John Newton
  • In One Vast Blaze Of Un-obscured Glory - John MacDuff
  • The Thoughts Make The Face - J.R. Miller
  • An Ever Present Help In Times Of Trouble - Thomas Brooks
  • Imitate The Miser - William Mason
  • Had One Of Those Holy Angels - David Harsha
  • The Transcendent Excellency, Divine Wisdom - James Smith
  • Sin's Enormity - Arthur Pink
  • The Wisest Arithmetic - Alexander Smilie
  • Why, They Are Like Jesus Christ - J.R. Miller
  • The Golden Pipe - Hannah Moore
  • Not All We Wish - George Everard
  • The Infinite Tenderness Of Jesus - Charles Spurgeon
  • Comfort For Suffering Saints - Jerome Zanchius
  • Wash Me, Gracious Lord - John MacDuff
  • The Wonders Of His Providence - Charles Spurgeon
  • Be Content With What You Have - Arthur Pink
  • So Many Millions Of Nominal Christians - Arthur Pink
  • Grace Levels All Distinctions - Arthur Pink
  • The Result Has Been . . . - Arthur Pink
  • View Him Yonder - Charles Spurgeon
  • But It Leads To The Bottomless Pit - Arthur Pink
  • Do Not Mistake The Lessons Learned At Your Mother's Knee For The Teachings Of The Holy Spirit - Charles Spurgeon
  • I Am Chained To The Chariot Of Rolling Time - Charles Spurgeon
  • Who Called This Demon Up - Archibald Brown
  • Are You Not Put To Shame By Every Litte Bird That Sits Upon The Bough And Sings, Though It Has Not Two Grains Of Barley In All The World - Charles Spurgeon
  • No Hissing Serpent - Thomas Boston
  • The Man With The Muck Rake - J. R. Miller
  • Father And Mother, If I Am Damned It Is By Copying The Example You Placed Before Me - Archibald Brown
  • A Man May Be Most Religious And Yet Be More Ungodly - Archibald Brown
  • The Divine Magnet That Draws With Irresistible Force, Hearts Of Steel - Archibald Brown
  • Hard Work, And Bad Pay - Archibald Brown
  • Actions, Words, Desires - Archibald Brown
  • Instead Of Lodging The Lion And The Leopard And The Wolf - Alexander Smilie
  • My Subtlest And Strongest Enemies Are Within Myself - Alexander Smilie
  • An Inexhaustible Mine Of Wealth - Charles Spurgeon
  • The Furnace Of Affliction - William Nicholson
  • As A Mother Comforts Her Child - William Nicholson
  • What Does It Mean To Follow Christ - William Nicholson
  • My New Testament Joseph - Alexander Smilie
  • We Shall See Shall See Him As He Is - Thomas Boston
  • I Will Rejoice In Your Salvation - William Nicholson
  • A Holier, Happier, Sublimer, And More Durable World Than This - William Nicholson
  • Side By Side They Lie In The Dust, And Worms Cover Them Both - William Nicholson
  • Ever Gliding Down The Stream Of Time Into The Ocean Of Eternity - William Nicholson
  • These Eternal Fountains - William Nicholson
  • It Must Be Consigned To The Dust From Whence It Came - William Nicholson
  • Too Choice A Flower To Grow In Nature's Garden - Charles Spurgeon
  • God Separates The Sin Which He Hates From The Soul Which He Loves - William Nicholson
  • The Great Arbiter Of Life And Death - William Nicholson
  • Even Though He Had A Shipload Of Such Rubbish - Charles Spurgeon
  • All Seemed Dark And Mysterious - John Macduff
  • The Greatest Benefactors Of The Church - Charles Spurgeon
  • If They Cannot Have A Fresh Dish From Satan's Kitchen - Charles Spurgeon
  • The Shepherd Searching For The Sheep - Alexander Smilie
  • Providence Is No Other Than God Providing - Charles Spurgeon
  • The Love Of Christ Which Surpasses Knowledge - Alexander Smilie
  • The Most Matchless Exhibition Of Mercy And The Most Dreadful Exhibition Of Holy Wrath - Archibald Brown
  • A Universe Which Carries The Print Of The Creator's Finger - Alexander Smilie
  • It Is His Groans, His Tears, His Cries Which Best Tell What Hell Means - Archibald Brown
  • To An Angel's Eye, It Must Be The Ugliest Thing On Earth - Archibald Brown
  • There Has Been Too Much Trifling With Jehovah - Archibald Brown
  • True Growth In Grace - Archibald Brown
  • The Loving Heart Of An Actual Living Christ - J.C. Ryle
  • A Faithful Minister - Letters of John Newton
  • What Can Mortal Man Give To His God - Archibald Brown
  • There Are Dangers And Perils Pecular To A State Of Prosperity - Jared Bell Waterbury
  • Now Am I One Day Nearer Heaven Than I Ever Was - Richard Steele
  • My Pardon Cost Him That - Archibald Brown
  • He Will Not Spoil Them - Letters of John Newton
  • God's Perfect Wisdom In The Management Of Our Affairs - James Buchanan
  • You Should Consider From Whose Hand It Has Been Sent To You - James Buchanan
  • The Great Means Of Sanctification - Jared Waterbury
  • But A Flea Bite - Thomas Brooks
  • The Lord's Rod Has A Voice - James Buchanan
  • Should We Not Be Prepared To Kiss It - Jared Waterbury
  • Our Only And All-sufficient Portion - Jared Waterbury
  • The Key Of Death Is In The Savior's Hands - James Buchanan
  • We Are Like That Dove - Jared Waterbury
  • In Short, All Must Drink Of The Bitter Cup - Jared Waterbury
  • The Most Monstrous Iniquity That Could Ever Have Been Imputed To Satan - Charles Spurgeon
  • To Be Spiritually Minded Is Life And Peace - Joseph Philpot
  • What The Human Heart Craves - J.C. Ryle
  • My Soul Followeth Hard After Thee - Joseph Philpot
  • When You Go Through Deep Waters I Will Be With You - Joseph Philpot

Christopher Glyn trained as stage actor at the Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama in the UK. After receiving Jesus, he forsook a career as a Shakespearian actor to devote his life to missionary work, with a personal calling to minister through radio.

In the forty plus years since, Chris' inspirational radio shows have been heard on hundreds of radio stations on all seven continents. He has also narrated over one hundred inspirational and motivational audio tapes, including an audio book of the King James Bible as well as other Christian classics, such as Charles Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" devotionals.

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