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The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God
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The Kingdom of God

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Title: The Kingdom of God
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: D. A. Carson, Timothy Keller and Stephen Um
Length: hrs. 48 min.


This booklet outlines the Bible's teaching on the kingdom of God and provides insight on implications for Christians today. Contemporary people have difficulty with authority--Stephen Um opens his concise explanation of the Bible's teaching on the kingdom of God with these words. This new booklet from the Gospel Coalition is particularly timely in view of the postmodern rejection of authority. Um explores how the Bible uses the term "kingdom of God" and discusses its relevance and meaning for today. He offers a brief biblical theology of God's kingship as found in the Bible. Christian identity and community are ultimately tied to the kingdom of God, and Um details the implications the kingdom has for Christians. This booklet is a helpful overview of a central theological theme of the Bible. The Kingdom of God offers a thoughtful explanation for point 10 of the Gospel Coalition's Confessional Statement. The coalition is an evangelical renewal movement dedicated to a Scripture-based reformation of ministry practices.

ISBN: 9781610452526

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