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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering the Psalms (DBT)

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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering the Psalms (DBT)
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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering the Psalms (DBT)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering the Psalms (DBT)
Publisher: Eerdmans
Author: Jerome F. D. Creach


This introduction to the interpretation of the Psalms encourages in-depth study of the text and genuine grappling with the historical, literary and theological questions that it poses. It draws on a range of methodological approaches as complementary rather than mutually exclusive ways of understanding the text. It also reflects the growing scholarly attention to the reception history of the Psalms, increasingly viewed as a vital aspect of interpretation rather than an optional extra.

Special note: For the best experience when navigating this resource, we recommend setting the table of contents to list view. As an introductory series covering the theological and historical background of the text, much of the included information is broadly thematic and not verse-specific.


“This introduction to the Psalms, by a scholar who has been studying them and praying them for decades, amply demonstrates their potential to feed our worship and revolutionize the way we pray.” - John Goldingay, Fuller Theological Seminary

“Jerome Creach is an internationally known Psalms scholar, and the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the Psalms are on full display in this impressive volume. It is the best introduction to the Psalms that I have ever seen. Readers will find answers to virtually every question that they might bring to their study of the Psalms, ranging from possible Davidic authorship to how the Psalms influenced the New Testament writers. Creach’s book will certainly be useful in seminary classrooms and to church professionals, and its clarity and accessibility will also make it useful to lay readers who want to engage the Psalms intelligently, fruitfully, and faithfully.” - J. Clinton McCann Jr. Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

“This book is the product of some thirty years’ experience of teaching and writing for both the church and academy. It enters a competitive market, but Jerome Creach’s passion for the Psalms has resulted in an eminently readable introduction.” - Sue Gillingham, Worcester College, University of Oxford

“Jerome Creach offers more than a standard introduction to the Psalter. He offers an invitation for readers to discover the rhetorical and theological power of the Psalms. Creach engages the issues of Psalms research and interpretation with remarkable depth and breadth for such a lean introduction. I consider it ideal for the classroom.” - William P. Brown, Columbia Theological Seminary

“In this lively and engaging book Jerome Creach introduces contemporary Christians to the book of Psalms and encourages them to use it for both study and worship. At a time when many churches are losing touch with the Psalms, he convincingly shows that they are at the spiritual heart of the Bible.” - John Barton, Campion Hall, University of Oxford

“Jerome Creach’s book will be of great help and interest to Christians beginning study of the Psalms who are looking for a serious engagement with scholarship within a context of faithful reading. It is a valuable resource for ministry students and any Christian who wants to go deeper with the Psalms. It combines detailed discussions on the material itself, such as the discussion on what poetry is, with an attention always to the significance of the Psalter for its own time and for ours.” - Jenni Williams, vicar of St. Matthew and St. Luke, England

Jerome F. D. Creach is Robert C. Holland Professor of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His recent publications include Violence in Scripture (Westminster John Knox Press, 2013) and Psalms (Westminster John Knox Press, 2012).

ISBN: 9780281073207

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