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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering John (DBT)

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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering John (DBT)
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Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering John (DBT)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Discovering Biblical Texts: Discovering John (DBT)
Publisher: Eerdmans
Author: Ruth B Edwards


This introduction to the interpretation of Matthew aims to encourage in-depth study of the text, and genuine grappling with the theological and historical questions raised, by providing a 'map' to the Gospel as a whole, and to key interpreters and interpretative debates. It draws on a range of methodological approaches (author-, text- and readercentred), as complementary rather than mutually exclusive ways of interpreting the text. In particular, this new introduction reflects the growing scholarly attention to the reception history of biblical texts, increasingly viewed as a vital aspect of interpretation rather than an optional extra.

Special note: For the best experience when navigating this resource, we recommend setting the table of contents to list view. As an introductory series covering the theological and historical background of the text, much of the included information is broadly thematic and not verse-specific.


...this is a well-written, very readable and informative book. In the vast scholarship on John – Edwards makes the well-made point in her preface that the ever increasing volume of published work makes keeping abreast of the whole field now virtually impossible – this book is an academic primer. It would be very suitable for undergraduate level students, and I have certainly used it like that. This appears to be the key market. It would alert the reader both to the important issues in the text but also to the significant areas of Johannine scholarship with the kind of engagement with the wider field that points the way for the reader to delve deeper. But it is clearly, and helpfully, an academic primer that assumes and expects the kind of level of engagement with the discipline of biblical studies provided by an undergraduate theology course. - Anthony Clarke

Revd Canon Dr Ruth B. Edwards is Assistant Priest at St James’ Episcopal Church, Aberdeen. She was formerly Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Aberdeen University. Her previous publications include The Case for Women’s Ministry (SPCK 1989) and The Johannine Epistles (Sheffield Academic Press 1996).

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