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Saint and His Savior

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Saint and His Savior
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Audio Book

Saint and His Savior

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Saint and His Savior
Publisher: Goodwill Audio
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
Narrated by Dave Holdt
Length: 13 hrs. 5 min.


Do you want to have a spiritual life with substantial and lasting progress in your pursuit of Christ?

In The Saint and His Savior, you will learn how to take Jesus as your Lord, Friend and Guide and build a life of true faith and sincere repentance - all on a foundation of joy. You will also learn redeeming love’s logic to propel you into deep communion and complete wholeness in Him, with strength to weather the many bumps on the road to heaven.

“But hark! sinner, all thou needest is in Christ. He will fill thee, satisfy thee, enrich thee, and gladden thee. Oh! let thy friend beseech thee, ‘Taste; and see that the Lord is good.’” – Charles H. Spurgeon

If you are frustrated or discouraged at your progress in the pursuit of holiness, don’t delay; hasten to read The Saint and His Savior, and begin, as the subtitle says, the progress of your soul in the knowledge of Jesus.

Here are some highlights from the nourishing chapters in this book:

  • Faithful Wounds (Chapter 2)
  • Jesus Pardoning (Chapter 4)
  • Joy At Conversion (Chapter 5)
  • Complete in Christ (Chapter 6)
  • Communion Preserved (Chapter 12)

“This book will challenge you. At some points, it will drive you to your knees. But when you arise, you will find a fresher and greater faith and grace like you’ve never experienced before.” – Carl Dobrowolski, CEO – Goodwill Rights Management Corp.

Charles Spurgeon (1834 - 1892) was known as the Prince of Preachers for good reason, as his popularity has persisted through the passage of decades and the turn of two centuries. At the young age of 19 he pastored his first church, and a mere three years later it was not uncommon for him to preach to crowds of over 10,000. His eloquence and ability to speak directly to human hearts about the Lord Jesus Christ drew the people of his generation in the thousands and continues to impact the church today.

A prolific preacher, his sermons were recorded by stenographers and published almost immediately. As a result, a large volume of his work, including nearly 3,600 sermons, survives to this day.

Dave Holdt is a former national and regional radio program host, teacher, and gospel minister. Having spent the most part of his vocational career using his voice to encourage, inspire, teach, and lead, he now uses it to transfer the words of classical and contemporary Christian literature from the eyes to the ear. Dave is passionate about knowing Jesus and helping others to know him, too. He is husband to the bride of his youth, and father to three precious girls.

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