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Transformed!: True Stories of Broken Lives Mended

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Transformed!: True Stories of Broken Lives Mended
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Transformed!: True Stories of Broken Lives Mended

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Transformed!: True Stories of Broken Lives Mended
Publisher: Fischer Publishing
Author: Rob Fischer


Thirteen brave men and women share their stories with us in this book. What these men and women share is not opinion or theory but their personal experience. And they are confident that regardless of your past, you can find the same hope, joy, meaning and love in your life too.

Without a doubt the challenges and trauma we experience in life impact us profoundly. I think this is especially true when we experience trauma in our childhood.

Many of the men and women, who tell their stories in this book, expose the heart-breaking trauma they experienced as a child. And yes, that trauma affected them profoundly. However, their stories don’t end there.

What is truly amazing and hope-giving about their stories is how they not only overcame their past, but have emerged as stable, loving, joyful people. Their trauma no longer defines them. They have truly been Transformed.

These men and women invite you into their stories to see for yourself. Each one of them firmly believe that whatever your past or current situation, you too can be Transformed!

Rob Fischer has been writing professionally for more than 35 years. His experience includes writing curricula, study guides, articles, blogs, newsletters, manuals, workbooks, training courses, workshops, and books. Rob has published more than 30 books and serves as a ghostwriter and editor for other authors.

As a certified life coach, Rob is passionate about helping others grow spiritually and professionally. Rob holds two master’s degrees, both focused heavily on writing. He has certifications in training & curriculum development, life coaching, and copywriting. He has also trained hundreds of managers in effective business writing. Rob has been married to Linda for over 45 years. They enjoy three married children and 10 grandchildren. Rob loves hiking, bicycling, snow shoeing, and cross-country skiing.

ISBN: 9798629108382

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