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Word Come Alive New Testament Paraphrase

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Word Come Alive New Testament Paraphrase
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Word Come Alive New Testament Paraphrase

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Word Come Alive New Testament Paraphrase
Publisher: Manser, Martin
Author: Martin Manser


Word Come Alive is an expanded translation (paraphrase) of the New Testament by respected editor Martin Manser. Related phrases and background information are supplied in italics within the text to make its message more immediately understandable. It expresses the sense of the original text in contemporary, natural English for a powerful effect on readers. Fresh and incisive, this translation will make you sit up and think about what you are reading.

The Word Come Alive is for everyone, no matter the stage of their Christian journey. Experienced Christians familiar with the language of the Bible will find the text refreshing and challenging. Teachers and preachers will find this paraphrase to be a valuable and informative resource in their preparation. Readers without a knowledge of the Bible, but who want to understand its message, will find the text accessible and thought-provoking.

Currently the Word Come Alive translation consists of the following books:

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke
  • John
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • 1-3 John
  • Revelation

Customers who purchase this product will automatically receive paraphrases of the other New Testament Books as they are released.


"I have greatly enjoyed reading your paraphrase of the NT. Congratulations on such an excellent job...It reads smoothly and provides a very true but accessible version of the text. The quality of the English is...superb and the meaning of the passages picked up very well...This should have a very useful ministry...It will be of great benefit to many. You have a superb skill in expanding the Scripture, just enough, so helpfully." - Derek Tidball, former Principal, London School of Theology; Visiting Scholar, Spurgeon's College, London.

"This expanded version draws out the meaning as well as accurately reflecting the text itself. I like the idea of setting the text apart in the italic typestyle you use." - Doug Connelly, pastor, author of the LifeGuide Bible Studies

"I think this version of John's Gospel is excellent. I'm very comfortable with the interpretative approach that's been taken in the italics, which really enhances readers' understanding, while avoiding any discernible (inappropriate) cultural or theological bias. Well done!" - Steven Burnhope, Pastor, Aylesbury Vinyard Church.

Introduction to the Word Come Alive Bible translation

Martin Manser is a specialist in British English, having been a professional reference-book editor since 1977. He has compiled numerous English thesauruses (thesauri), dictionaries and books on English grammar, usage and writing. In addition he has worked on an extensive range of Bible versions and study Bibles including the NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV, NRSV, GNT and NIrV. He has edited many Bible-reference books published by Baker, HarperCollins, Hodder & Stoughton, IVP, Lion, Thomas Nelson, Oxford University Press, Tyndale and Zondervan.

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