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D. L. Moody

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D. L. Moody
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D. L. Moody

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Title: D. L. Moody
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Kevin Belmonte
Narrated by Arthur Morey
Length: 4 hrs. 35 min.


A plainspoken follower of Jesus, Dwight L. Moody embodies passionate,unflinching obedience to God. It’s 1860, the eve of America’s Gilded Age. A manin a gray, woolen suit stands in a dilapidated building in Chicago’s “LittleHell,” a slum forgotten by the world. He is surrounded by grimy children,attentive and watchful in this makeshift school Moody established just forthem.

They are waiting for Abraham Lincoln to speak. Why America’sgreatest president and one of America’s most celebrated spiritual giants areamong the poorest of the poor is just the beginning of D.L. Moody, a biography with a novel-like narrative style thatunveils the eternal power one life can have.

This book reintroduces the unlikely accomplishments of a mandesperate to obey God’s call and shows how one committed heart can impact thekingdom of God and the spiritual heritage of a nation.

We learn about life through the lives of others. Their experiences,their trials, their adventures become our schools, our chapels, ourplaygrounds. Christian Encounters, a series of biographies from Thomas NelsonPublishers, highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church throughprose as accessible and concise as it is personal and engaging. Some arefamiliar faces. Others are unexpected guests. Whether the person is D.L. Moody,Sergeant York, Saint Nicholas, John Bunyan, or William F. Buckley, we are nowliving in the world that they created and understand both it and ourselvesbetter in the light of their lives. Their relationships, struggles, prayers, anddesires uniquely illuminate our shared experience.

ISBN: 9781599510484

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