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Foxe Voices of the Martyrs: AD33 – Today

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Foxe Voices of the Martyrs: AD33 – Today
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Foxe Voices of the Martyrs: AD33 – Today

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Title: Foxe Voices of the Martyrs: AD33 – Today
Publisher: One Audiobooks
Author: John Foxe and The Voice of the Martyrs
Narrated by Arthur Morey
Length: 14 hrs. 29 min.


What would you do for the cross of Christ? 

For two thousand years, Christians have courageously triumphed over beatings, stonings, burnings, wild beasts, and every form of evil to boldly proclaim one truth: the name of Jesus. 

Voices of the Martyrs AD 33 – Today is their story and your Christian heritage.

In the 16th century, English preacher John Foxe created what would later be called the “second most important book in history” after the Bible: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. With modernized English, and up-to-date accounts, Foxe: Voices of the Martyrs faithfully binds the testimonies of more than 50 of Foxe’s heroes from the Early Church to the Reformation with Christians in the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and through the twentieth century.

More importantly, Foxe: Voices of the Martyrs unites past Christians with believers today. Building on over fifty years of ministry to persecuted Christians, The Voice of the Martyrs organization shares sixty-seven stories of Christians who have stood faithfully to the death since 2000. Their courage in the face of ISIS and the Taliban, brutal dictatorships, and government crackdowns will inspire you to boldness and remind you that the same Spirit of Christ Who strengthened Stephen, Peter, and Paul is at work in you today.
ISBN: 9780882641959

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