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Mentor Commentary (13 Vols.)

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Mentor Commentary
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Mentor Commentary (13 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mentor Commentary (13 Vols.)
Publisher: Christian Focus
What's Included
View All 13 Volumes
Robert I Vasholz
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1 & 2 Chronicles
Richard L Pratt
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Ezra & Nehemiah
Tiberius Rata
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Psalms 1-72
Allan Harman
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Want to delve deeply into the riches of the Bible? How do you know what is authoritative and reliable information and what is just the author’s opinion?

The Mentor Commentaries (MNT & MOT) were conceived with the notion that an academic commentary could also hold to an inerrant view of Scripture. One of Mentor’s key aims is to build up a library of credible commentaries to give users an option for a solidly grounded study of the Scriptures.

Although readers have many choices available to them when it comes to the most recent scholarship, Mentor commentaries incorporate the latest theological research while refuting some of the wilder departures from orthodoxy found in other commentaries.

The scholar, the pastor, or just the lay student of the Bible will find riches of trusted Biblical insight in this reliable commentary series.

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