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Power of Knowing God

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Power of Knowing God
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Power of Knowing God

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Power of Knowing God
Publisher: One Audiobooks
Author: Tony Evans
Narrated by JD Jackson
Length: 6 hrs. 41 min.


When God calls you and me to know Him and experience Him, He wants more than a fan club. He wants an intimate relationship.

You go to church, read your Bible, and participate in Bible study groups, yet you still feel something is missing in your relationship with God. You want more.

Dr. Tony Evans believes knowing God fully should be everyone's life ambition. He has developed a strategy for living victoriously as a child of God and he wants to equip you with the right tools for success in pursuing a personal and authentic relationship with the Savior.

Develop the kind of relationship that goes beyond intellectual knowledge, emotions, and actions as you:
  • cultivate a more heartfelt closeness to God
  • experience the power of His presence
  • connect in an abiding relationship with Jesus
As you become more intimately bonded in love with God, you will come to know Him as He really is. 
ISBN: 9781646892020

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