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Works of Jonathan Edwards (26 Vols.)

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Works of Jonathan Edwards
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Works of Jonathan Edwards (26 Vols.)

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Title: Works of Jonathan Edwards (26 Vols.)
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Jonathan Edwards
What's Included
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Freedom of the Will
Jonathan Edwards
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Religious Affections
Jonathan Edwards
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Original Sin
Jonathan Edwards
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The Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards
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Jonathan Edwards (1703-58), noted theologian and religious leader of 18th-century New England, left his impression on theological thinking not only in this country but throughout the entire Protestant world. Not since 1874, however, has a collected edition of his works been printed. This edition, undertaken with the generous support of the Bollingen Foundation, has been launched with the purpose not only of republishing all of the printed works of Edwards but also of publishing the massive manuscript materials in which much of Edwards' most profound thinking and finest prose have been concealed.

    Features Include:
  • A massive collection of content, equal to over 16,000 pages in printed text
  • Over 1,000 sermons, manuscripts & discourses enhanced for the Olive Tree Bible App
  • Notes on Scripture - the first complete edition of the private biblical notebook that Jonathan Edwards compiled over a period of nearly thirty-five years
  • The "Blank Bible" - a manuscript of more than five thousand notes of Edward's thoughts on passages of the Scripture
  • Multiple volumes of previously unpublished works
  • Many of Edwards' famous writings including commentary from leading scholars & theologians
  • and so much more!

"The Jonathan Edwards Project is the first of its kind — a comprehensive, exhaustive effort to produce an online archive of all of Edwards' sermons, treatises, letters and musings to serve the needs of anyone who cares to know the man. To date, no other university or institute has attempted to transcribe, computerize and then post online the complete works of any one historical figure. . . . Though he may never attain the rock-star status of George Washington, with the Yale project, Edwards will live forever."
—Adrian Brune, Hartford Courant

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