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Men of Courage

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Men of Courage
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Men of Courage

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Title: Men of Courage
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Larry Crabb, Don Michael Hudson, Al Andrews and Tommy Dylan
Narrated by Tommy Dylan
Length: 6 hrs. 38 min.


Men today have locked horns with their toughest issue: reclaiming the full potential of manhood. Bestselling author Dr. Larry Crabb asks, What gives manhood definition and meaning?


In this updated and expanded edition of The Silence of Adam, Crabb and his colleagues, biblical scholar Don Hudson and counselor Al Andrews, offer a fresh look at how God designed men. The book deals thoughtfully and honestly with men's ongoing struggles and exposes the difficulties they have in relationships. It presents the rich calling men have to reveal God in ways uniquely masculine. And it summons them beyond their paralyzing fear of failure to bold risk-taking, courageous action, deep spirituality, and full-hearted living.

ISBN: 9780310336983

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