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24k Life: Living Every Day Refined by God's Word

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24k Life: Living Every Day Refined by God's Word
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24k Life: Living Every Day Refined by God's Word

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: 24k Life: Living Every Day Refined by God's Word
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: LeeAnn Kirkindoll


Although obtaining physical gold is held in high regard, panning for gold nuggets within the pages of our Bibles is actually where lasting riches are found. And when life’s daily challenges are met with the refining truth of God’s Word, we have the opportunity to emerge as 24k gold--solid, luminous, without blemish and refined to its purest state. The treasured result of that transformation: our lives will become a brilliant testament of Christ’s love as others see how applied scripture can change our minds, refine our actions and purify our hearts.

24k Life is filled with stories, lessons and hope--each entry challenging us to let the messiness of our daily lives intersect with the refining truth of God’s Word. Every devotion is inspired by a color photo that immediately brought a particular spiritual lesson to mind. Some are quick nudges toward actions required to show the love of Christ in our day-to-day routines. Others are more lengthy as we seek to change mindsets that have kept us paralyzed in fear or stuck in old habits that rob us of our opportunities to reflect Christ. Each devo stands on its own and is meant to be focused on throughout your week with scripture memory, deeper personal study and real-life application.

The content in 24k Life is presented as if you were having conversations with a friend. Some entries involve humorous reflections of lessons learned while others reveal vulnerable moments that change the trajectory of one’s faith. Why? Because that’s real life. Sometimes we need encouragement to just laugh at ourselves while other times we need to take a strong look at the habits that keep us stuck in patterns of defeat. And though some struggle with handling disappointments, many are fiercely battling to trust God with the “un-trustables”. Still others of us have simply turned a blind eye to what it really means to represent Christ in our day-to-day. We attend church services, read our Bibles and show up at group studies on a weekly basis--all the while never actually applying what we learn to our own lives. But the hope is that you, just like many of us, are ready to let God refine those areas that need a little work. That you too might have a heart that wants to see Him use your life to draw others to His unfailing love. And if you have never had a personal relationship with Jesus, the hope is that you’ll find Him in the pages of these entries. Because not only does God love you, He also has a very specific plan for your life.

It’s empowering to know that when our mindsets meet God’s point of view, the opportunity for us to emerge ‘solid, without blemish, luminous and refined to our purest state’ actually becomes a reality. No matter your circumstances. No matter where you currently are. No matter where you used to be. This can be the moment you begin a daily journey to emerge as 24k GOLD.

Come and join our Girl Gang of modern day ‘gold-diggers’ who are living a life refined by God’s Word--the 24k Life.

ISBN: 9781400325894

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