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Exegetical Summary Series: New Testament (32 Vols.)

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Exegetical Summary Series: New Testament
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Exegetical Summary Series: New Testament (32 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Exegetical Summary Series: New Testament (32 Vols.)
Publisher: SIL International
Available in 34 Volume Set
What's Included
View All 32 Volumes
Matthew 1-16
David Abernathy
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Matthew 17-28
David Abernathy
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Sermon on the Mount
David Abernathy; Thomas Tehan
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Mark 1-8
Richard Blight
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The Exegetical Summary Series from SIL International (SILES) summarizes scholarly interpretations of Greek or Hebrew biblical texts. A broad spectrum of students and translators will find this resource helpful in producing meaningful translations of the original Biblical text despite their varying levels of exegetical skills. Each volume in the series (see list below) works through the covered original text phrase by phrase, with English equivalents for all Hebrew and Greek words provided.

Questions about the exegesis of the text are anticipated, and are answered through summaries of the ways many scholars have interpreted the subject text. This information will be invaluable to translators in making their own exegetical decisions, or to students studying the text.

As a basis for discussion, a semi-literal translation of the text is given, and the meaning of key words in context is provided. Information from standard lexicons is given and then translations of the word are cited from a dozen major Bible versions and from commentaries that offer their own translations of the text.

Questions about the grammar and discourse structure of the original languages are answered by summarizing the views of many commentators, with exegetical disagreements and their various interpretations listed.

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