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Resources by Kevin King

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Legacy of Preaching 2-Volume Set

Legacy of Preaching 2-Volume Set

by John D. Woodbridge, Timothy George, Benjamin K Forrest, Dwayne Milioni, William J Curtis and Kevin King

Covering a broad range of preaching over the centuries, the two-volume A Legacy of Preaching reference set is the definitive reference for experienced preachers who wish to deepen their own preaching as well as aspiring students who want to learn from the masters of the past. Each chapter introduces readers to a key figure in the history o… Read more…

Slumber of Christianity

Slumber of Christianity

by Ted Dekker and Kevin King

Narrated by Kevin King

As believers, our walk with God is motivated by hope-not the bland, vague notion most people have, but the expectation of an exotic, pleasurable inheritance that guides us and fires our passion...or, at least, should.Ted Dekker has written an exposé on the death of pleasure within the Church. Because many of us have set aside hope and the inspired ima… Read more…