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Resources by D. J. Wiseman

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New Bible Dictionary

New Bible Dictionary

by J.I. Packer, I. Howard Marshall, A. R. Millard and D. J. Wiseman

An A - Z of Bible terms, place names, books, people and doctrine. Written by an international team of over 150 scholars, this resource reflects recent advances in research and scholarship. Maps, family trees, line drawings, diagrams and charts clarify and expand the text. The New Bible Dictionary has stood the test of time. It ha… Read more…

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Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries: 1 and 2 Kings (Wiseman) - TOTC

Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries: 1 and 2 Kings (Wiseman) - TOTC

by D. J. Wiseman

The book of Kings is a unique source for understanding the history of Israel from the last days of the united kingdom under David to the eventual fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Presenting Israel's national history from a divine viewpoint, these narratives measure the kings of Israel and Judah not by the mark they leave on secular history, but … Read more…