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Resources by Michael Yankoski

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Sacred Year

Sacred Year

by Michael Yankoski, Mark Smeby and Mike Yankoski

Frustrated and disillusioned with his life as a Christian motivational speaker, Michael Yankoski was determined to stop merely talking about living a life of faithand start experiencing it. The result was a year of focused engagement with spiritual practices--both ancient and modern--that fundamentally reshaped and revived his life. By contemplating app… Read more…

Sacred Year

Sacred Year

by Michael Yankoski

"In his life and writing, Michael Yankoski walks a tightrope between action and contemplation, and, behold, in ways we can all learn from, he manages to find a sort of essential balance."—Philip Yancey, author of What's So Amazing About Grace"This book is a joy to the soul and a delight to the heart. It is destined to become a classic withi… Read more…

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