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Resources by Erwin McManus

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Certain Risk

Certain Risk

by Paul Andrew Richardson and Erwin McManus

In this Ebook memoir, A Certain Risk, author Paul Richardson reminds you that the Creator designed you to engage the complexities of your world with creative solutions. Rather than offering a series of how-to steps, Richardson offers you a refreshing vision of what a Spirit-fueled life looks like—a vision that sees Christianity as a fluid, innovative call … Read more…

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Certain Risk

Certain Risk

by Paul Andrew Richardson, Erwin McManus, Erwin McManus, Adam Verner and Adam Verner

Busy? Yes. Fruitful? No. Many of us lead frenzied lives—but feel we are going nowhere. Every day you may be asking yourself, “How can I become a voice of hope when the problems are so great? How can I envision my circumstances through God’s eyes and respond to others with the passions of his heart when the dry details of the day take over? How do I beg… Read more…