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Resources by David Guretzki

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An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth

An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth

by David Guretzki

Anyone exploring a new territory knows the benefit of an experienced guide. A guide can make the difference between tiresome drudgery and a life-changing adventure. This is as true for exploring new thinkers and books as it is for places. If ever a theologian required a guide, it would be Karl Barth. His many writings have secured his place as the most s… Read more…

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Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

by Stanley Grenz, David Guretzki and Cherith Fee Nording

Studying theology is like entering into a conversation that has existed for over two thousand years. Crucial to understanding that conversation is a familiarity with the language and theologians over the last twenty centuries. This dictionary of over 300 entries is a helpful tool to those just learning theology, and can be a valuable, concise resou… Read more…