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Counterpoints: Four Views on Hell

Counterpoints: Four Views on Hell

by Denny Burk, Stanley N. Gundry, Preston Sprinkle, Robin Parry, Stackhouse Jr. and Jerry Walls

Recent years have seen much controversy regarding hell:  Do we go to heaven or hell when we die?  Or do we cease to exist?  Are believers and unbelievers ultimately saved in the end?Four Views on Hell highlights why the church still needs to wrestle with the doctrine of hell. In the familiar counterpoints format, four leading scholars introduce us to the… Read more…

Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism

Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism

by Collin Hansen, Roger E. Olson, Andrew David Naselli, Mohler Jr., Stackhouse Jr., Tom Parks and Kevin Bauder

Narrated by Tom Parks

Understand the history, core values, and divisions as they've developed within the Evangelical Christian movement.Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalismcompares and contrasts four distinct positions on the current fundamentalist-evangelical spectrum. Each contributor offers their case for one of four primary views:Fundamentalism – defended by… Read more…