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Preaching the Word - Luke Volume 2

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Preaching the Word - Luke Volume 2
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Preaching the Word - Luke Volume 2

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Preaching the Word - Luke Volume 2
Publisher: Crossway
Author: R. Kent Hughes


Luke's carefully researched and orderly account of the life of Christ is one of the finest pieces of historical writing in all of ancient literature. Yet it also accomplishes its divinely appointed purpose: that people of every century "may know the truth."

The breadth of Luke's Gospel–with entire sections that are recorded nowhere else in the New Testament–and its celebratory tone set it apart from the other Gospels. Taking readers from just prior to Jesus's birth to his ascension into Heaven, this spirited report communicates the joy and the glory of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Pastor Hughes's insightful commentary unveils Luke's approach and purpose in recording the life of Christ, adding compelling perspective to help you communicate and understand God's Word more effectively.

Luke the historian–with his painstaking reporting–will make you certain about the truth of not only his Gospel, but also the gospel. Luke the theologion–with his careful recounting of Christ's mercy and compassion–will touch you with God's love and grace. And Luke the physician–with his heart for people, especially the less privileged–will help you to love others more deeply. Ultimately, those who study Luke's Gospel cannot stay the same.

ISBN: 9781433529245

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